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A Gallery of pictures from previous litters and the Cockers that live with us, hope you enjoy them, we do


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This spaghetti is tough
What do we do now?
Hi, my name is Lexi
This is a small bed
No! not in the washing
Whats up there then?
Dinner time
So tired
Move along the milk bar
Settle down now
What's down there?
Can you see me?
Lets play king of the castle
Hide and seek
Are you one of mine?
This is my good side
Where's Beckham?
Hope your not my mum
Look at these weeds
I can't play any more
We could be a chess board
I'm not chewing it
Oh no, it's a Newfie
This is my best pathetic look
Hope you are my mum
Christmas paper is such fun
Keeping a look out
Ear swing is so annoying
It's just like a hammock
night night mama
How cosy is this?
Get my hair cut !!
Get off my head
Wow, Dog-on-a-log
All pull NOW

The pictures below are shown courtesy of David Saunders Photography (link to his website on our Links Page)

 Holly is one our own Staneberne bred Cockers who lives a wonderful life and is clearly adored by David & Charlotte

Hi, I'm Berry, the only girl in that linen basket on the 2nd line above
Is it my turn now?
Got it
Pretty please !!
Why wont you play with me?
Wonder who fell asleep first
Ebony settled into her new home
It looks a long way down
Who is biggest, Toby or the toy?
Whats this stuff?
Are you sure you've got enough room?
Dont think it knows I'm here yet
Now where's Fagin gone?
That was yummy
Wee Fagin with his new brothers
This is comfy
How pretty am I ?
Wonder who copied who
My what big teeth you have Granma Chips
All the better to eat you with little Duke
Do I look cool in this?