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           Hi, my name is Sox










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Hi, my name is Sox and I am a very special Newfoundland.  I live with my 2 Mums and Dad, 3 children, Dot, Dash and Tocca and my Husband Jacob.  Also with us is my lovely Mum-in-law Chips, Brother-in-law Joshua and our best friend Sundari.  Over the next few months I guess life is going to change a lot for me and Jacob, as we have decided to increase our family.  Why don't you follow our journey in my diary.



10/10/2011    I came into season today so I am having a date with Jacob next week.  He is not to happy because I have told him he has to have a bath first.

I also want to know who that girl was that he was with last week-end?



15/10/11   Well today is bath day for Jacob.  I can't wait to see him covered in bubbles and have a good laugh at him.  Will have the camera at the ready, so you can share in the sight (oh how ticked is he going to be).



19/10/11  Typical boy, managed to get away with the bath.  Just because there was a hurricane and a bit of torrential rain!!!!  Means I missed my photo fun.  Never mind, my day will come.  Looks like our date might be tomorrow, so I need to go and find a nice little black number to wear.



26/10/11  Oh how things can change in such a short time.  I just couldn't bring myself to go through with my date with Jacob.  He hasn't told me who that other girl was (I think he is probably going to be a daddy again) and to make matters worse I overheard mum say that he had another girlfriend coming to visit in the New Year.  Is this the sort of man I want to have a date with, no, not now.  So I told him, firmly, no kids from me this side of Christmas.  You know that I will give in next time, but us girls need to put them firmly in their place!!!



03/11/11  Impulsive us girls, now I wish I hadn't been so hard on Jacob, he is a bit of a cutey.  My first mum, Del, said I may have felt that way because I wasn't having a proper season and maybe I'll get another chance in 6-10 weeks.  I hope so.  Still look on the bright side, at least I can still party over Christmas.  Also I should have said before now, a big thankyou to Michelle for coming to help my mums when I was dating Jacob.  Sorry about the bruises, I hope they have all healed now.



09/11/11  Happy Birthday Mummy Chips. I love you very much and am so happy to be sharing your birthday dinner with you (hint hint).  I put the cakes and fireworks on the home page because I wanted the world to know how happy we are to share this day with you.  You really are my best friend. 



22/11/11  I hope you have all seen the great news about Zola.  She is definately going to be a mummy, my Jacob is so proud.   Dawn and Bryan are very excited, as this is their first litter.  They will arrive before Christmas, so guess what Jacob, even more presents to wrap up this year - but just don't forget mine!!



12/12/11  Congratulations to the beautiful Zola and my Jacob on the birth of their babies.  It has been such an exciting weekend and my human mummies can't wait to see the puppies.  Well done Dawn and Bryan and enjoy every minute of these little darlings, because as you know, they soon grow up.  Hopefully it will be my turn next.


23/12/11  Well just 2 more sleeps before the big day.  I can't wait to see what Jacob has got me, but better than that, I can't wait to see my children opening their presents.  It is going to be such a fun day.  Grandma Chips just keeps saying "seen it all before" but I bet she is in the thick of it all day long.  Can I just take this opportunity to say a very big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers and to all my friends.  I look forward to seeing you all in the new year and hopefully to be able to pass on my own good news before too long.  Have a great time all of you,  Luv Sox.


01/01/12  Firstly may I wish a very happy new year to you all.  We had quite a funny start to the new year.  With my human mums and dad not a big fan of new years eve, we all went to bed before midnight.  So at midnight all the fireworks went off and our little Cocker Boy Oliver decided to loudly wish everyone a happy new year.  Eventually he shut up and everyone went back to sleep.  Then at about four this morning, there was a lot of flashing and bangs in the sky.  You know how you were always told as a kid that when it thundered, it was God moving his furniture around, well when the storm started, I decided to get in touch with our loved and lost gang in heaven and see if it was true.  You will never guess what they told me was going on.  Lovely Newfoundland Chunky Chimo was apparently break dancing and the flashes were the poor old lamp standards that she was kicking over.  Now doesn't that conjure up a picture, a beautiful black Newfoundland break dancing on New Years Eve in heaven.  Not sure what she did, but eventually she managed to kick out some important electricals and all of the power over Stainburn went and we were all plunged into darkness.  It took three hours for the poor old human repair team to sort it out, if they only knew who was responsible.  So what a start to 2012, but well done to my human mums who managed to still get us all out for breakfast, with the help of torches.  Guess we wont forget this one in a hurry.  I hope you all had a quieter start to the year, but if any of you had a thunder storm as well, then Chimo apologises.


27/02/12  My mummy Sheila went to heaven today, everyone is very sad but I will try to cheer them up.


31/03/12  My cocker friend Indy had a date with her toy boy Mr Preston and now we think they are going to have babies.  Keep an eye on our litters page, but I will tell you all anyway - I cant keep a secret


04/06/12  Indy had her puppies today, 1 girl and 3 boys, Indy and Preston are very proud of their babies, but then they are beautiful


22/06/12  Jacob has been trying to persuade me to have more babies with him, but I dont want any more.  My figure is perfect right now and I have a lot of parties booked, so I sent him packing.  I have heard since though that he is on a promise to a gorgeous girl from Bolton, so much for loyalty eh?  Good luck to them both.